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Arta Floor: Preferred Installers of Carpet Tiles in Melbourne

When it comes to flooring options for the workplace, many companies are opting to use carpet tiles in Melbourne, and for a variety of excellent reasons.

Arta Floor stocks a wide range of commercial carpet tiles in Melbourne for those companies that prefer the softer, warmer, more colourful, and quicker insulating properties of carpet tiles.

The Benefits of Using Commercial Carpet Tiles in Melbourne

Advances made in technology over the past ten years or so have made available many options when it comes to commercial flooring, yet carpet tiles have remained popularity over the years, and with very good reasons.

  • One of the first options to always consider when considering commercial flooring is cost. Carpet tiles are much more cost-effective to install and to maintain than most other floor covering options, particularly in high foot traffic areas, as it is quick and easy – and cheap – to replace a damaged tile.
  • Also, it is not necessary to replace a whole floor when only one or two tiles are damaged. You only need to replace the affected tiles, and unlike ceramic tiles, it is relatively easy to match the exact colour of your carpet tiles.
  • Warmth and noise are also some of the top reasons that companies prefer carpet tiles over other carpeting options. Carpet tiles make the cold Melbourne winters a bit more bearable for staff, while at the same time reducing echo, and eliminating that irritating background noise.

Common Misconceptions about Commercial Carpet Tiles in Melbourne

There are some who laugh off carpet tiles as a flooring option, citing that they are old-fashioned and unattractive, but these individuals have certainly not kept up with the times.

  • Besides the benefits related to warmth and noise reduction, carpet tiles have come a long way in recent times with a wide range of colours and patterns available, meaning that you have a wide range of options when you have to make your selection.
  • There is a misconception that carpet tiles are difficult to keep clean. Technological advances have ensured that new materials and treatments are available in the manufacture of carpet tiles that make them much more resistant to dirt, and much easier to keep clean.
  • While not as hard-wearing as some other flooring options, carpet tiles are not nearly as prone to damage and wear as is the consensus. Carpet tiles are made to be strong and long-lasting.

About Arta Floor

Arta Floor supplies and installs a wide range of commercial carpet tiles in Melbourne. Our extensive industry knowledge has made us become a preferred carpet tile supplier and installer in the Melbourne area.

Whatever your carpeting requirements, we can exceed them in our usual friendly, efficient and professional manner. Our focus is squarely on excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship, with great attention to detail.

Contact us today to arrange a viewing of our extensive carpet tile range, conveniently arranged at your premises, using our unique mobile showroom.

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