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Hybrid Floors Melbourne

When You Need High Quality Hybrid Floors in Melbourne, Choose Us

If you’ve finally decided to take the leap and replace those old carpets with beautiful Hybrid floors in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Our teams can advise on which floors would suit your space the best. We can install new, beautiful floors, or maintain older wooden floors you might still have in the house. Our teams cover a range of helpful services from our mobile showroom to our comprehensive sanding and polishing facilities. If it’s for the love of floors, Arta Floor has everything you need to breathe new life into any space.

Benefits of Choosing to Work with Us When You Need Commercial Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll always experience when working with us:

  • We offer an entirely mobile showroom for the convenience of all our clients. Whether you simply don’t have the time to come to us, or you want to have samples at the ready for direct comparisons or to show to your builder or architect , our mobile showroom is the ideal solution. Once you’ve picked you product and colour range, we’ll set up a time and date. When we get there, we’ll have all the samples you requested at the ready.
  • Choose from our vast range of products. We have laminated floors, bamboo floors, engineered timber floors, Hybrid floors, and even carpet tiles readily available for supply and install. Coupled with our mobile showrooms, you’ll have everything at the ready without having to leave your house.
  • We have years of accumulated experience from working in the industry. Our teams always bring their proficient skills when installing – or simply giving consultation about your new floors. You can trust that any piece of assistance we deliver; we do with your satisfaction in mind. We want your space to feel and look amazing, which is why we do our utmost to help you get the most out of our products and make the right decisions.

Whether you’re looking for a wide range of products from a reputable seller, or you need help installing the beautiful new commercial hybrid plank you’ve ordered from us, our services will guide you through the process from start to finish. Our mobile showroom makes choosing the right style of floor easy so you can take care of it with efficiency while saving money.

Questions You Should Ask Us About Our Luxury Hybrid Tile Services

Here’s a list of questions commonly asked:

  • Should I be doing any preparations before the installation of my new floors? There isn’t necessarily anything you have to do, other than removing your curtains and any furniture in the room moved out will help speed up installations. In most cases, however, we help our clients move everything.
  • Should I keep my skirting, or have it removed during installation? There are two ways to approach this. We can keep the skirting in place during the installation and use scotia for a finish, or we can remove all the skirting before laying any new floors and put back on place when the job is finished, this technique allows us to run the boards against the walls. For the best opinion on this, ask our professional teams when you’re discussing the installation as each product warrants different methods.
  • Should I go with solid timber, or engineered timber? Most people don’t realise that solid timber floors such as hardwood, require a lot of preparation before installation, and a lot of maintenance once installed. If you are fine with regular maintenance and more finicky surfaces, go with solid timber, otherwise stick to engineered timber if you want assured excellence every time.

About Us and Our Services for Luxury Hybrid Floors in Melbourne

We offer a wide range of products we’d be happy to install. From the five categories we have, we can make sure any room you have looks exceptional once we’ve taken care of the installation. Whether you’re redoing an office with carpet tiles, a dining room with beautiful engineered timber, or a study with hybrid flooring in Melbourne, we can assist.

Our professionals work hard to ensure that every floor we install we do precisely and efficiently. We offer numerous ways to make the process easier on your home and your schedule, and we’re always willing to help you decide if you’re unsure which floors would be the best choice. So, give us a call if you’re looking to add new life around the house. Your home will look flawless in no time.

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