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Timber Laminate Flooring Melbourne

Meticulous Start to Finish Full-Service Timber Laminate Flooring in Melbourne

Arta Floor’s mobile showroom can bring our timber laminate flooring samples in Melbourne for you to view at your home or office. The timber products we source are from first-class manufacturers in Australia, Europe, US and China.

Related Services We Provide to Laminate Flooring Installation in Melbourne

We provide diverse quality carpet tiles in addition to bamboo, vinyl, hybrid, and engineered flooring. We bring the best laminate flooring to Melbourne for the residential and commercial markets.

  • Book your mobile showroom, tell us about the products you would like to examine and the project you have in mind. We will bring our convenient display area to your door, so you can move through your space with the preferred samples in-hand to see how they will work with your lighting, colour scheme and furnishings.
  • Do you have a timeworn solid wooden floor that needs new life? We offer excellent solutions including staining, sanding and polishing of both old timber and new flooring into different colours and shades. Our skilled crew uses up-to-date machinery to bring your old staircase back to life with a variety of available tread and nosing finishes to match your new laminate floors in Melbourne.
  • Our team can steer you through the mounting of a timber feature wall and the most recent Australian building codes and criteria. We are proud suppliers of a complete service, focus on detail and will find the optimum solutions for your project.

We install zigzag chevron style and herringbone laminate floor patterns and design feature walls, ceilings and stairs based on your style and atmosphere you desire.

We are professionals who supply and install flooring in luxury homes, apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

  • We provide our customers with exceptional workmanship as we have a strong background in working with wood, along with experience in the design of distinctive spaces.
  • Laminate flooring is durable, easy to install and less costly than other materials. It suggests real wood, is multi-layered and joined in a lamination process, which makes it durable, stable and attractive.
  • The phrase ‘floating floor’ describes laminate flooring, vinyl floor coverings systems. But it mainly refers to the fact that it need not be glued down or nailed to the sub- or existing floor underneath and has a concealed space between the walls and the floor covering to enable expansion.

About Art Floor

We provide timber flooring, engineered flooring and many more types of flooring. Our products comprise a variety of derivative products and are constructed by gluing filaments, constituent parts or boards together to create a composite substance. These products are manufactured according to specific design specifications and have met national and international requirements and are exclusively designed to Australian taste and Australian climate. Contact us for quality service that suits your taste and budget.

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