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Our Range Of Products

Herringbone & Chevron

Patterned timber floors area style of flooring that includes designs such as Herringbone Flooring and Chevron Flooring. These patterns are great ways to add character and style to any interior and are becoming increasingly popular as people are discovering what the French have known for centuries. parquetry has the same low-maintenance and scratch proof qualities as regular timber floors, in a more fancy way! we have a great reputation in the market for the quality and craftsmanship when it comes to installing complex patterns and parquetry.


Engineered Flooring has a layer of natural timber on top and many protective engineered layers beneath. It has the same luxurious look and feel as solid timber without the expensive price tag attached to it. The technology used in the based layers also prevents the expansion and contractions that is normally associated with natural wood. It’s one of the most popular and versatile products in the market due to its practicality, durability and diversity in timber grains and shades. Our engineered products are specifically designed and manufactured for the Australian climate.


Laminate flooring is a product that comes in many colours and patterns. It is high wear, stain and scratch resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. With the fraction of a price this product is very attractive for both commercial and domestic market. Tongues and grooves on the products make the installation process straight forward and reasonably quick.


Bamboo is highly sustainable source of wood and with its soft and natural look it has its own dedicated admirers. This product is highly strong and durable and comes in a variety of colours and shades. Due to its living nature and if not installed properly this product might expand and contract considerably. We absolutely recommend using skilled installers for the installation of this product.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are the most common types of flooring used in workplaces and offices. They are very practical and easy to install.  At Arta Floor we have a great range of carpet tiles available in a variety of patterns and colours.


Hybrid flooring comes in strips of synthetic products that are designed to replicate the look of natural timber. They are hard wearing, easy to install and designed to stand the test of time. With its reasonable price tag and high durability level this product is popular in residential, hospitality, workplace and commercial sectors.

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